Robotic Lawn Service

We are a dealer for Ambrogio and are now able to offer Robot Automatic Lawn Care services to our customers!

A Lawn-Friendly Robot Lawn Mower

The robot lawn mowers we offer are silent and eco-friendly. Their continuous mulching function leads to a healthier and greener lawn that requires LESS fertilizers and no need to dispose of grass or remove unappealing chunks of grass from the lawn.

They can easily handle difficult slopes and ensure a precise a beautiful looking cut on any type of grass! They even have rain sensors to detect when the grass is too wet and will return the robot to its charging station. This helps preserve the quality of your lawn without any intervention from you!

They are even fully autonomous! With full equipped smartphone app and integrations with Alexa, Siri, and the Google Assistant. Our robot lawn mowers are truly as innovative as it gets!

Why Choose Our Robotic Lawn Care Service?

1.) Greener Grass

Our Robot Lawn Mowers maintain grass Extremely well for any size lawn.

2.) EasY to Setup and Use

Our team will help install everything needed for the robot lawn mower to work and show you how to use it!

3.) Peace of Mind

Everything can be set on a schedule so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Robot Lawn Mower Do You Use?

We use Ambrogio Robot Lawn Mowers. Their products are extremely well built and do an amazing job! That’s why we work with them!

Do They Recharge Themselves?

Absolutely! The robot will give off a warning when its batteries are low and need to be recharged. It will then automatically return to its charging base.

Can They Work in All Weather Conditions?

Yes! Ambrogio Robots are designed to work at temperatures from 14°F to 122+°F. They can cut grass while it is raining, but it’s recommended to enable the rain sensors so that it returns to the recharging base. Cutting wet grass can damage your lawn and is generally not recommended.

Can They Recognize Other Objects? (Benches, Chairs, Etc.)

Yes! Any objects over 4in high will be detected by the robot. It will approach and carefully cut the grass around the object, then proceed in a different direction.

How Do They Work?

Ambrogio Robots cut grass automatically and autonomously! There’s no need for you to help or assist. Basically, the robot lawn mower will cut a few millimeters of grass and leave tiny clippings that help fertilize your lawn.

How Are They Installed?

The robots work in an area marked by a boundary wire. This wire is positioned around the edges of your lawn and garden. It can either be buried or attached to the ground with plastic fixing nails. Then both ends of the wire are connected to the recharging base.

Can They Recognize Low Bushes, Trees, and Flower Beds?

Absolutely! You can surround any objects you don’t want the lawn mower to touch with a boundary wire. Once the wire has been installed correctly, the robot will move to the edge of its area, then proceed in a different direction.

How Much Energy Do They Consume?

We’ve mentioned the charging base a few times, so with that said, the robots run entirely off of electricity. NO gas, fuel, or oil is required for it to run! And the electricity costs average a little over $1.00 per month!

Where Can I Find More Information?


Contact us if you are interested in getting a robot lawn mower for your yard or if you want any information. We’re happy to help!

You can also visit Ambrogio’s Website for more information on their Robot Lawn Mowers.