Artificial Turf Services

Designing, sourcing, and installing high-quality artificial turf for your low-maintenance lawn in the Atlanta area

Artificial Grass Turf Services in Metro Atlanta

There are situations when you don’t necessarily want a living grass lawn. Maybe you don’t want the maintenance of a grass lawn, your soil or other factors make grass growth a challenge, or you want a consistent look all year round. For residential and commercial properties, Fields of Green is your premier source of artificial turf in the Atlanta area.

Our experts have been in the business for 25 years and will handle your entire artificial turf project from start to finish. We’ll survey your property and work with you to choose the perfect turf for your lawn, order high-quality turf, and manage the installation so you receive a beautiful artificial lawn with ease.

Custom Synthetic Turf for Residential or Commercial Properties

Different types of spaces and surfaces call for different types of turf, and our landscape specialists can provide the ideal solution for your specific needs. Serving homes and businesses in throughout the Metro Atlanta area, we offer:

  • Lawn turf
  • Commercial turf
  • Pool turf
  • Putting greens
  • Pet turf
  • Sports turf
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A Seamless Artificial Turf Experience

Synthetic turf is an excellent option for a low-maintenance outdoor space that looks
consistently green and lush. But getting your artificial turf can be just as easy as
maintaining it. Fields of Green offers a premium experience that takes the work off your plate.

We’ll manage the process from end to end so all you have to do is select the options you love from our recommended turf samples and watch your beautiful lawn take shape.

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Low-Maintenance Outdoor Space

You don’t need to invest time and resources into ongoing lawn maintenance to have a
fantastic outdoor space. Artificial turf offers many benefits:

  • Minimal maintenance work and maintenance costs
  • A consistent look year-round, unlike traditional grasses in Georgia
  • Durability that lasts with a low risk of color fading and sparse spots
  • Customizable options to suit your home or business

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– Drainage / Erosion

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– Mulch

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